Growth. Payout. Sustainability

GPS: An Unwavering Investment Discipline

We employ a system-driven bottom-up research approach to search for companies that have high and sustainable dividend growth rates and the lowest probability of a dividend cut, in our estimation. The strategy is a “go anywhere” mandate that incorporates financial and non-financial data sources on a global basis. Consequently, we seek out companies anywhere in the world that we believe have a long and visible cash flow runway for both capital growth and sustainable dividend yield. The Fund maintains a large capitalization bias and is broadly diversified by sector and geographic region.

In selecting securities for the Fund, our process primarily relies on bottom-up analysis and seeks to identify companies that have the potential for dividend growth, sustainable income, and capital appreciation over time. Our unwavering discipline integrates and overlays human decision making with Relative, Intrinsic and Artificial Intelligence models to rank companies within each economic sector. The outcome is a high conviction portfolio of what we believe are 40 to 80 best-in-breed mid- and-large cap companies.

A Key Differentiator:

The integration of Artificial Intelligence is a key component of the investment process that is employed by the managers to forecast expected dividend growth rates and also the probability of a dividend cut.